Ibironke Otusile

Worship encourages a healthy lifestyle, and is a lifestyle in itself. If I do not worship, then I will die (maybe not physically, but definitely spiritually). When a person is dead spiritually, it affects every area of his or her life. I want to excel in all areas and that starts with the Holy Spirit being in His rightful place on the throne of my heart. The true worshipers worship in spirit and in truth. So if I have the Spirit, then I will worship the right way.

Although worship is all about God and exalting His character, it also edifies my soul, which is what is returning to Him anyway. I do not want a starved soul to return to Him nor do I want the stones to take my place either. I do, however, want to be in close communion with Him. In essence that is why I should and do worship.

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Sugi Taiwo

I worship because I feel it is my opportunity to thank God with all my heart and mind. I am able to surrender my thoughts and open communication to my God. Worship gives that feeling of being vulnerable and open to the will of God. And when I’m in that place, I’m in awe of His power and in that same moment, I’m at peace. And there is nothing better than being at peace with the Lord. Some may ask “why worship?” I’ll say “why not worship!”

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Yemi Olusola

“Worship is an expression that demonstrates our adoration for God. Consequently, there are many variations of worship (e.g.,singing, dancing, serving others, tithing). I worship to give God the praise that He deserves. As a “baby Christian,” I didn’t quite understand the concept and the various facets. But as I work on my spiritual relationship and reflect on the majesty that is God, it is something that has become very important to me. So in short, I worship to be a ‘living sacrifice’- it’s hard but I’m working on it.”

yemi olusola


Bimbola A

All of life should be lived in worship. And the truth is that when it comes to living a life of worship, I fall short in many ways. I remember the days I would feel too guilty and condemned to get into the worship session in church because I didn’t feel worthy. This is now why I worship. Of course I’m not worthy but He is worthy and He has made the way for me to approach the throne of grace through faith in Christ. Therefore, I worship God because He accepts me. He sees me, He knows me and He accepts me the way no one else does or can. I worship God because He is my greatest treasure. In the goodness of life, He is better and when things are not so good, He is enough. No one else can fill this void of being better and enough in all aspects of life. Therefore, I worship God because He is worthy, He accepts me, He is better and He is enough.



Morolake Olowofela

Worship is my time to surrender it all to Him and be free. I don’t just worship because I’m grateful for all He’s done but also because I love Him. You want to please those you love, you want everyone to know and it’s not different with my Heavenly Father. The high I feel when I’m in His presence can’t be compared to any other feeling. I worship simply because I love Him.