#MyHeartSpeaks: Ruth.

Sometimes you just have to let things go and release it ALL! If it comes out ugly or it comes out pretty it doesn’t matter it just has to be released.

Now who better to release it all unto than to our God? And thank God we have a God who is ready and willing to answer us in return.

#MyHeartSpeaks is where we will be sharing some of our conversations with God and the different lessons we have learned from them. We share this with the hopes that it will be a blessing and an encouragement to turn to God with whatever situation we are facing and allow Him to speak directly into it!

Be Blessed!


I have made you too small

‘Jesus, you have given me so much but I am just reducing it.

You have given me power but I am not using it.

You have given me strength but I lower myself.

You have given me tools that I do not use.

I have made you too small in my eyes, O Lord forgive me.

I have not taken care of this body

I have fitted myself with low self-esteem

I have looked at myself as worthless but you have called me worthy

O Lord forgive me

I have believed in a lie, the devils lie.

I believed you couldn’t help me but help is all around

I thought you couldn’t hear, but I only needed to go to your word and fall on my knees and pray.

God, I have made you too small in my eyes. O Lord forgive me.’


The excerpt above is from one of my conversations with God. On this particular day, this song kept ringing though.  I indeed had made God really small in my eyes and it’s something that I believe A LOT of us do. God began to show me the ways in which I had made him small in my life. I had got so caught up in everything that I no longer believed or even remembered the promises he had set apart for me. Yes, I was praying and fasting but I was not REALLY PRAYING AND TRUSTING instead I had reduced God to something so small, so minute.

This day I was reminded once again that my God is an awesome God, the scripture that says ‘O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!’ (Psalm 8: 1) rings true. Yes, my father is the one that sits on the throne, he is the one that used his fingers to create the moon, the stars and heavens, he even created me! Therefore there was no reason for me to reduce myself so small and therefore reduce him to something so small.

I will like to use this platform to encourage us all, that DON’T ever reduce yourself or anything that God has given into your hands to something small, something worthless. Don’t ever think he is not listening because he is! Don’t ever lose hope because he hasn’t given up! Don’t ever think that time has passed because his plans are BIGGER and BETTER than our own ways. Don’t ever look at yourself as a failure because God is a loving God who will RAISE you up again!

Today, I was reminded about being still, Psalm 46:10 says “Be still, and know that I am God” BE STILL. When you are waiting for answers BE STILL, when nothing makes sense BE STILL.  The art form of STILLNESS is done in PRAYER. Being still means to ‘become helpless’, ‘collapse’, ‘fall limp’ and ‘RELAX’ in the presence of God. It means STOP STRIVING, RELAX AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.

Get to really KNOW who God IS.

Get to know who YOU ARE in Gods EYES.

Get to know the PROMISES he has laid out for YOU

Get to know the POWER that God has instilled in YOU.

Get to know the POWER on spending time on your KNEES



My prayer now is, Lord help me not to make you small in my life, but Lord help me to relax and KNOW THAT YOU ARE GOD.

Written by Ruth King.





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