Here you can see all of the posts linked to #ThatPlace campaign in preparation for #24HrsWorship2017UK (Click to go to FB Events page). This is an opportunity for you to see into the lives of the members Genesis Youth Ministry and what we consider as #ThatPlace for us.

Please be blessed, comment and share if any of them have touched you.

Day 23 – Racheal Okusanya

Racheal shares with us what #ThatPlace is for her. She states that it is a place where she can have a heart to heart with God and where she feels secure and safe.

Day 22 – Deborah Abe

Deborah shares what #ThatPlace is for her. She states that it is a place where she lays herself out, listening and asking God for direction.

Day 21 – Ruth King

Ruth Shares what #ThatPlace is for her. A place where she can communicate with God, where she can find rest in his presence.

Day 20 – Sinmi Adejimi

Sinmi shares her thoughts on #ThatPlace. She states that it is her secret place with God where she lays everything down and before him.

Day 19 – Philippa Greaves

#ThatPlace to me is where im almost placed in a capsule of His presence
All other noises are shut off
There are times I know God just wants me to lay all before Him and say nothing just listen
There are other times I am able to cry out when there are no words that can be said.
Being in that secret place has been so essential to me as things in life have knocked the strength right out of me at times but it is in His presence that I have been strengthened.


Day 18 – Wonu Olayinka

Wonu shares what #ThatPlace is for her, she states that it is a place where you can be real with God, separating yourself and most importantly being yourself, expressing yourself. You and God.

Day 17 – Dimeji Akanni

Dimeji shares with us what #ThatPlace is for him. He shares that is it a place where he receives from God. It is a place that is refreshing to him especially when God shows him new reverlations. Amazing place.

Day 16 – Jordan GodChaser

Jordan shares what #ThatPlace is for him and how he feels that the drum set is where he connects with God the most. Being able to express himself while ministering to other people.

Day 15 – Tolu Ajagbe

The secret place to me is a place I go to and a time I set apart simply to be with God. It is a place of tranquility and without distractions where I can focus on God and seek Him wholeheartedly through prayer, singing in worship, reading the Bible or laying down my cares before Him. It is a place where I seek God with sincerity and humility, giving Him my all.
"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” - Jeremiah‬ ‭29:13‬
I look at the secret place like plugging my phone in to my laptop. Two things happen; pictures are imported on to the laptop, this signifies me giving myself to God and off loading, at the same time my phone is being charged. As the laptop is my phones source of energy, God is my source of energy and strength and the secret place is where I plug in and connect with God.
"I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me.” - Proverbs‬ ‭8:17‬


Day 14 – Tolu ‘Mrs. LT’ Oloyede

Tolu O Shares what #ThatPlace is for her. She shares how she pours her heart out to God when she travels to work. She also shares that #ThatPlace can also be a battlefield.

Day 13 – Bisola Akanni

Bisola shares what #ThatPlace is for her. She states that it is a place where she just sings and does not think about anyone, not Uni work, not Mum or Dad but just God.

Day 12 – Grace Okusanya

Grace shares with us what #ThatPlace is for her. A place where she can talk to God and knows she is not condemned by Him, being free with Him.

Day 11 – Abi GodChaser

Uncle Abi, expresses his thoughts on #ThatPlace. He shares how the secret place is the place of the heart. He also shares that it is a dwelling place and a place that he communes with God, where he gets instructions.

Day 10 – Debbie GodChaser

Debbie GC expresses what #ThatPlace is for her. It is a place where she feels safe and secure. She also expresses herself through dance and states that it is one of the places where she can be herself.

Day 9 – Stephanie Popoola

That Place. The Secret Place. My Place. Our Place. 'Our' being My Father and I. A place of comfort. A place of honesty. A place of freedom. A place of relief. A place of focus. A place of joy. A place where I can be separated from everything around me and just release my true self before the Lord.
Each one of us should have a PERSONAL relationship with God. With that comes us having a secret place with Him.
Isaiah 55:6 - Seek the Lord while He may be found; Call on Him for salvation while He is near.


Day 8 – Joké Adedokun

Joké shares what #ThatPlace is for her. She states that she is not concerned about other people being led into worship because she, herself is worshiping.

Day 7 – Pelumi Adedokun

Pelumi shares with us the importance of #ThatPlace for him. It is a place where he feels secure, where he is free and most importantly where he reconnects with God.

Day 6 – David Oloruneto

Uncle David (on his Birthday), shares with us his thoughts on #ThatPlace. A place where he downloads instructions for the next thing to do. A place where he is free from every anxiety, a place where the word of God comes alive.

Day 5 – Ronke Bamgboye

Ronké poetically shares with us what #ThatPlace is for her. She expresses how she feels Gods presence especially after a particular time in her uni room.

Day 4 – Idrees ‘Mr. LT’ Oloyede

Idrees shares his heart and what #ThatPlace means to him. He expresses that it is so important to him because it is one of the only things that keeps him so joyful.

Day 3 – Sarah Abe

Sarah shares with us what #ThatPlace is for her, she states that she worships and communicates with God the way she is led.

Day 2 – Buky Akanni

Buky shares what #ThatPlace is for him and encourages you to find what #ThatPlace is for you. How do you seek His face?

Day 1 – Bamidele Bamgboye

Dele shares his heart about #ThatPlace, which is so special to him and what it means to him to go there.