The Upper Room

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The Upper Room 2016 🔥 Isaiah 32:15 Until at last the Spirit is poured out on us from heaven. Then the wilderness will become a fertile field, and the fertile field will yield bountiful crops. Praise God #UpperRoom2016 will be taking place on #17thSeptember2016 !! Our aim is to be filled and refilled with The […]

Leave your mark!

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As we all know, there is going to be a time where we either die or Jesus will come back. Either way, we will be judged. The way we live our lives today can actually determine someone else’s salvation. There are people that we are friends with who do not go to church, they may […]

Hang in there…its coming!

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Hang in there…its coming! I’m reaching the final couple of stages of my training at Dance & Theatre College and every week my faith, trust and love for God is continuously being tested. It’s a range of different factors in the mix such as; assessments, shows, agents, auditions, career decisions, becoming twenty-one, driving tests, family, […]