Genesis Youth Ministries started in 2001 as youth for Christ after prayer and fasting the name was changed to Genesis Youth Ministry under the leading of the Holy Spirit. It is the youth arm of CAC House of Refuge but it is a ministry not confined to or limited to one denomination. We comprise of different denominations all worshipping the true God.

Genesis youth is an evangelistic ministry with a vision to make God known with an emphasis on salvation, worship through music, studying of the word of God, personal fellowship with the Holy Spirit and making worshipping of God a lifestyle.

We meet fortnightly to worship and study the word of God, we believe in the totality of the word of God (Bible) and its absolute obedience. We also believe in the absolute leading of the Holy Spirit. We have an outreach programme called 24hours worship where as the name implies we are in His presence for twenty four hours. This programme has expanded to New York, and Maryland, America and God has really glorified Himself and made His self known. It is an annual programme in its 12th year in the UK, 8th year in America, 4th in Ireland and 2nd in Canada.

It is a great privilege and upmost grace to know God, to serve Him and be part of His eternal plan. Join us as we share the knowledge of God through this blog, with words of encouragement, poems, original songs and much more!

Genesis Youth