A Year in 24 hours Worship 2016

Ibironke – New York

The 24 Hour Worship session is always an exciting time. I literally cannot wait for July to roll around because it’s an opportunity to worship Jesus in an extra special way. There is just something about worshiping Him for 24 consecutive hours and with His people, all on one accord. It is even more exciting to go with an expectant heart – to expect that some way, somehow, you will meet Jesus. Every single time that I attend the service I am blessed. I am either blessed with a new encounter, a new gift, a new mindset, a new idea to execute- I am altogether blessed. This past 24-Hour Worship session was no different. I wanted one thing from God and without a doubt, I received that one thing. Not only did I receive that blessing, but I began to receive more. They just started trickling in similar to the tears that trickle down my face as I remember. I received blessings that I prayed for, that I forgot I prayed for, and some extra goodies because God is just too good.”


Martins Timi – Boston

My experience at the 24-hours Worship organised by Genesis Youth Ministry was One of a kind. For me it was a Spirit filled service of which God himself was present because I felt his presence and I am certain every other person felt his presence too. The 24-hours Worship enabled me to express myself with God, the Communication was Real. I had the opportunity to freely worship my God in Peace forgetting every other thing outside. It was truly eventful. I had the opportunity to meet new people who shared their heart and experiences with me. Throughout the event I was filled with joy because I was experiencing an experience of a Lifetime and I truly thanked God for it. The service empowered  and I would love to be able to attend many more of the 24-hours Worship services orgnised around the World.
God bless Genesis Youth Ministry for the Experience and Godly impact they are making in the lives of Youths around the World.

24-hours of Worship with God is worth Everything.


David – Philidelphia

The first time I heard about a 24hours Worship, it was taking place in Maryland, Baltimore. My first thoughts were “there’s no way I can stay in church for 24hrs!”

I was then told we wouldn’t be able to make it to Maryland in time for the full 24hrs Worship service, so the shock wore off just a little, but we’d still be there for at least 14-16 hours.

I was still on the edge at the thought of this but then I thought, what else am going to be doing with my time. So I went.

I didn’t go expecting anything because I didn’t know what to expect, I thought it would just be like an extended church service. Well, it wasn’t. There was a different vibe amongst everyone there and seeing how on fire for God everyone was, was so very encouraging and uplifting.

Fast forward to next year, CAC Philadelphia is hosting our very first 24 hour praise and I’m ready and definitely expectant. What made this experience even better was that I got to stay longer this time, however since we were the host in Philly, due to helping out around the church , I was out of service for a bit. We shall not lament though It was still an even better experience.

Lastly to end off the summer our youth group took a trip to Maryland for their 24 hours worship service. After what we had experienced in Philly, we wanted even more of God and that is what we got. I went in to this 24 hour worship truly expectant. I didn’t get what I wanted but I definitely got what I needed. I was able to see and experience some things I’ve never seen before. My pursuit of God didn’t end at that 24 hour worship though. Seeing the Holy Spirit move through others very close to you for the first time… I can’t even explain the feeling. I use that summer as a checkpoint, I look back at it all the time because I was given a completely different outlook on things and God.

Esther – Maryland

The last summer of 2016, God revealed himself to me in a totally different dimension more than I expected. Firstly, I attended the 24 Hour Worship in New York with my youth group being the Marylanders and I had an amazing experience which drew me even closer to God.

Before that program, a few of us girls in our hotel room all read 2 Chronicles as we were assigned to. This is where Temi, through the Holy Spirit prophesied the abundant amount of blessings that will be given to us but the last 24 Hour Worship being in Maryland would be the program with more blessings.

Between the time of the New York program and the Maryland program, I began to read God’s word more however the week of the 24 Hour Worship, we met in church almost daily. My Aunty Jessuseme prayed with me for the spirit of boldness and I began to pray at home as well.

The night before the program, I prayed and read God’s word in my room and I asked Him to let me see him in a new direction, in a new way that will break every chain in my life. The worship during the service was absolutely beautiful as I began to press more and more for the spirit. Later in the night, I had gotten into a small argument with someone however God told me to apologize to that person. I was reluctant at first but then I went back and sincerely apologized which was one of the main reasons why I was able to see God because one cannot seek God with a heart full of grudges. When the night began to proceed, a young girl through God prophesied and that was the moment in which I had my encounter with God. I did not realize how Mighty and Powerful God is until that moment where he poured His spirit out to me. I honestly never thought that I would be gifted with the ability to speak in tongues and prophesy but God is so good and his love is so great. I began to speak in tongues and prophesy not on my own but through God which became almost uncontainable. His love is so great and so powerful and I thank Him for allowing me to take part in it. At that moment I truly had confirmation that He is real and I bless the name of the Lord for that.



Precious – Ireland

When the idea of 24 hours worship happening in Ireland first came up, I never thought it would happen. My very first of experience of the 24 hours worship was in America, Philadelphia to be precise. My second experience would be Maryland, also in America. So I knew somewhat to expect when attending 24hrs Worship Ireland.

However, if there was anything I was extremely expectant and sure of was that I wanted the presence of God to change me! I didn’t want to be the same person when I left this event!

My heart’s desire was just to worship without holding anything back. I certainly wasn’t going to settle for less. One could say that I set really high expectations going into this event but at the same time I certainly didn’t want to limit my God either. There are no limitations in the presence of God.

I must say that my expectations were met and my life was changed for good. I received total restoration.  I left 24hrs hours worship renewed. 24 hours worship has taught me how to worship and how to surrender it all to God through encountering the father and dwelling in his presence.

24 hours worship Ireland was one I will always remember.

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