What is 24 Hours Worship?

The idea of 24hrs worship came about through a casual conversation between two of our leaders Leke and David. They were casually talking about how awesome it would be to spend time with and worship God for a full 24hrs. The vision (conversation) became a reality; this was the birth of 24hrs worship which has now become international. It has now been taken to the United States of America in places like Maryland, New York and Boston.

We have a collection of experiences from various 24hrs worship events that we have held in the last 7 years. Be blessed as you read.

Wale (Mannywellz); Maryland, US.wale 1I remember the first time CAC youth got notified about 24hrs worship. The most random news/announcement ever! I was like “these people are tripping, thinking I’ll be in church for 24hrs with no food and drinks”. Although, I personally always dreamt of something like that but never thought it would be possible because how crazy will it be to worship God for 24hrs straight?! Anyways, it happened and it was beyond amazing. Before I talk about how amazing and different each year has been, I would like to go down memory lane. Bro Leke came to the church about two weeks before the very first 24hr worship and I was wondering who this random guy with a british accent was. He came to help us understand the meaning of worship and I’m glad he did. The foundation was pretty much laid for myself and the rest of the choir and we went into 24hrs worship with a different mindset. When Genesis Ministry came, we all instantly clicked and connected with each other, that was very surprising because I didn’t know if they would like us “Americanas” but we thank God. We gave them a very warm welcome and they were very happy to be in our midst. I can only imagine spending a whole 24hrs with someone you don’t like! But that wasn’t the case and we thank God for that. Seeing other young people who were/are thirsty for God from another continent was very motivating and inspiring. It made me want more and want to do more to experience God. The first 24hr worship was a very intimate encounter with God to me, I had never worshipped, prayed, danced or praised God like that. Each year has definitely been different, but in a good way. Each person attends 24hrs each year with a new agenda, and the event keeps expanding to different regions/places! I’m glad to be part of this wonderful event and I hope that I’ll be able to attend many more 24hr worship events in the future.

Ebun; New York, US.

ebun 24hrsJuly 25 2015 is literally the day my life changed forever! I had no idea what God had in store for me. Everyone was telling me how great their experience was at the 24 hr worship service, but their words could not have prepared me for what I was going to experience. This was my first 24 hour worship service, but from the beginning of the week when I first met the genesis group at our practices and fellowships, I already knew that the 24 hour service was going to be great. The day finally came and I could not wait to see what God had in store for me. I could not wait to experience Him in a way I never had before. The time was around 3 or 4 o’clock and Joke led worship. I was in a state of worship that I had never been in; on my knees yearning, crying, and reaching for God. My only thought was if this is what I am experiencing in the first four hours I can not wait to experience the rest of my time here.

The time was around 6 or 7 am, and the spirit of God was truly there. I felt the Spirit literally inside of me, I have never experienced anything like it. John 7:38 ” He that beliveth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living waters”. I felt God, I can say whole heartedly that I met Him. That experience at the 24 hour worship service along with the prayers, and the praise changed my life. From New York I went to the Maryland service and experienced God in a new light, hearing Him answer my questions, and literally worshipping Him in the beauty of His holiness . I thank God because my life has never been the same, and I look forward to continuously growing with Him, and through Him. My worship has never been the same since my experiences. I now worship God sacrificing something new at His altar each time, seeking His face, and learning how to be a woman after God’s own heart. I thank God for the 24 hour worship service, for changing my life and I am now looking forward to many more. 2 Corinthians 5:17 ” Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;old things have passed away; behold, all things are new.”

Stephanie Popoola; Essex, UK.10981434_851565941547057_2071646610279569715_nI have been to the last 2 events and I’m for sure going again this year. Now I’ll explain why I go and hopefully this will encourage another person to come along and definitely invite others.
I’m not one to go to every event that’s on but when I find one I feel like I can enjoy and will be beneficial, I’m there. And that’s exactly what 24 hour Worship is.
Now when you hear ’24 Hour Worship’, you may think ‘Is that possible?’ ‘Don’t people get tired?’ ‘How many songs do you guys know?’ I’ll be very honest. Yes it is very possible, yes people will get tired naturally and there are so many songs that can be sung.
Worship does not mean ‘slow songs’ as we usually learn from being in church. We can worship God in different ways but I believe the most important way is through our lifestyle. So putting on an event for a whole day just to worship God shouldn’t be anything new to us as Christians. However, it’s a great place to come and draw nearer to God, truly seek Him and also meet other people.
The first time I went, I really went before God and asked Him to meet me where I was. I was really desperate to encounter God. At times, I had different thoughts come to mind like why am I wasting my time? Are people watching what I’m doing? Am I singing the right songs (this was because I lead a section of worship). However, these thoughts disappeared as time went by. I saw people so focused on their worship that it didn’t matter what they looked like, how they sounded or anything else. It should be that everyone has prioritised God as the reason they were there, that nothing else mattered. And that’s what I wanted.
So I decided to try and let go 100% and really show God my true heart. When you’re in a place of desperation, you make yourself vulnerable. My heart was broken, my spirit was far and I was tired. I don’t want to ramble on but I just want to be honest so that if you feel you’re in the same position, come along.

On top of all this, the whole team will make you feel so welcome and comfortable that you’ll be able to be free.
Just a side note, I wasn’t expecting my problems to be solved there and then. My mind had to be in the right place for me to truly reveal myself to God and expect Him to reveal Himself to me. So prepare your heart and mind before you come.

Paige Rufus: London, UK.

When I was asked to write about my experience at 24 hours of worship I couldn’t think of one specific experience because I have had so many ( 5 years in a row).  But if you want to experience God like never before, coming would be worth your time. 24 hours of worship is something I look forward to the day we finish the current years event (hint: maybe 2x a year in the UK Smiling face (black and white))

I’m so happy I didn’t turn down the invitation to come when a member of my church invited me because it has been life changing. Every year is different because its like I find new dimension/level to worship. During certain parts of the event I’ll find myself staring at anything and those moments are precious to me because at those instances ill be talking to God. Now that’s not to say I don’t communicate with God but there’s something about being surrounded by people who have all come to do the same thing……. Worship, people that re not focused on what’s going on around them but rather on God.

I remember the 2nd year I came (my first time staying for the whole 24hrs). There was an hour or 2 left before it was to end and a woman was ministering in which she shared with us her testimony and then lead us in worship and I broke down and started crying which for many wouldn’t be anything spectacular but for me it was. My younger brother, who had come that year had noticed and was shocked because he knows I don’t really ever cry (at least back then I didn’t). That year I learnt to be vulnerable before my maker.

If you think 24hrs is a long time or that you wont be able to stay awake for that long, just think of it this way – eternity lasts forever and we will spend eternity worshiping God so….
But get me wrong, we have food breaks and general breaks that you can use to meet new people. To sum my experiences up 24hrs of worship provides the opportunity to truly worship god as you are . Now that doesn’t necessarily mean singing slow songs; it could literally just be basking in his presence. I thank God for genesis and how He is using them. Its one of those events that you really just don’t want to miss. So if you’re available, even if it’s only for 2 hours, come on through.

Ruth Omobolanle, Ireland.

When I first heard about 24 Hours Worship, I asked the following questions; food? Sleep? Break? More Food? How many songs do we really know?

I am a big fan of the annual praise marathon held in Nigeria, this year was 74 hours. I wanted to experience something like that personally. So when they said 24 hours nothing was going to stop me. The first thing I noticed was at the rehearsals, the whole place was filled with love, it showed what unity in Christ is really about.

Initially the plan was to stay for about 9 hours but God had something else planned.
There was so much emphasis on not limiting your worship to the given 24 hours, that every individual should continue worshipping when they leave.

After 12 hours I knew I wasn’t going home. There was a time I found myself in front crying out to God without a care in the world.

I felt free to worship in any way I wanted/could. It was personal for everyone. We might have been singing the same song but it meant different to each person. Same God, different people, different problems but the same God. As I was speaking with God so was my neighbour and God was just there listening to it all at once. An audience of one. The way the Holy Spirit was moving in that place was like when the disciples were gathered in the upper room.

I’m sure God was smiling up there and there must have been some great celebration in heaven.

I didn’t leave the same way I came.